in 15 mins or less…

Four Hopeful Lessons from WW2 to Confront Climate Change
Co-Director + Co-Editor (with AJ Korkidakis), Climate Emergency Unit (June 2021, 6 mins)

Described as “truly impressive” in The New Yorker, this hybrid archival video describes how World War Two Canadians managed a gutsy transformation of their entire economy, in record time. The video lays out ‘the four markers of emergency mode’ the government hit in order to pull it off, and how to apply them to today.

Canadian pension funds investing nearly $1B in Bolsonaro-led water privatization scheme
Reporter + Video Editor, The Breach (May 2021, 2 mins)

Investigative journalism piece regarding the bankrolling by two of Canada’s largest public pension funds of the Brazilian President’s scheme to privatize the water of Rio de Janeiro. Includes a written article and a short video.

How to Change Everything
Editor (April 2021, 2 mins)

Book trailer for Naomi Klein’s first book written specifically for teens.

Warehouse Workers Review Nomadland
Shooter + Editor (April 2021, 8 mins)

Workers from Montréal’s Dollarama warehouse react to the winner of the 2021 Oscar for Best Picture, and the economic model the film depicts. — Des travailleurs de l’entrepôt de Dollarama à Montréal partagent leurs opinions sur le gagnant de l’Oscar du meilleur film en 2021, et sur le modèle économique que le film dépeint.

Words on Ice
Shooter + Editor (March 2021, 5 mins)

The outdoor rink failed one of Montreal’s premiere musicians. But hockey’s loss was hip-hop’s victory.

Introducing The Breach
Shooter + Editor (March 2021, 2 mins)

The video that launched a new Canadian media outlet, and a highly-successful crowdfunding campaign.

We Are Defending Our Law
Shooter + Editor (Fall 2020)

Series of short documentaries on the land defence of the Wet’suwet’en Nation against a pipeline their Indigenous government never agreed to.

1: Is This Genocide?
2: Shocking Sunrise Showdown Between Police and Indigenous Land Defenders
3: Hunting Season on the Yin’tah
4: Police Repeatedly Interrupt and Threaten Indigenous Women Holding Ceremony on Pipeline Path

Malika Tirolien – RISE
Director, Shooter + Editor (October 2020, 4 mins)

Music video for the lead single from Grammy-winning musician Malika Tirolien’s album ‘RISE’. — Vidéoclip du premier single de l’album “RISE” de la musicienne Malika Tirolien, lauréate d’un Grammy Award.

Independent Jewish Voices: Solidarity in Uncertain Times
Shooter + Editor (October 2020, 4 mins)

For over 12 years, Independent Jewish Voices Canada has been standing up for peace and justice in Israel-Palestine, and fighting antisemitism, white supremacy and colonialism at home. — Depuis plus de 12 ans, Voix juives indépendantes Canada défend la paix et la justice en Israël-Palestine et lutte contre l’antisémitisme, la suprématie blanche et le colonialisme chez nous.

Dalida – Pour ne pas vivre seul
Shooter + Editor (August 2020, 3 mins)

Another Covid collaboration music video with renowned Montréal drag queen Crystal Slippers performing Dalida’s ‘Pour ne pas vivre seul’. — Un deuxième vidéoclip réalisé en collaboration avec la célèbre drag queen montréalaise Crystal Slippers interprétant “Pour ne pas vivre seul” de Dalida.

#JusticeForGeorge x MTL
Shooter (with Stefan Verna) + Editor (May 2020, 3 mins)

Vidéomontage d’un rassemblement digne et sans précédent pour combattre la prédation policière et le racisme systémique de Minneapolis à Montréal. — Videomontage of an unprecedented and dignified gathering to combat predatory policing and systemic racism from Minneapolis to Montréal.

The Empty City
Director, Shooter + Editor (April 2020, 4 mins)

One of Montreal’s finest drag queens, Crystal Slippers, performs a 1978 Mina classic bringing light to the dark Covid isolation. A contribution to the 2020 Passoverboard Soirée.

The Unnecessary Inventor
60 Second Docs
Shooter (March 2020, 1 min)

Matt Benedetto has invented high heel roller-skates, mittens that you can still flip people off with, and earbuds that also function as a chopstick holders. His inventions, which no one is allowed to buy, don’t attempt to solve the world’s most demanding concerns. Rather, in a clever critique of consumerism, his inventions exclusively address life’s most insignificant challenges.

Wet’suwet’en Media Team
Shooter + Editor (Feb 2020)

Member of the small-yet-strong media team of the Gitimt’en Clan of the Wet’suwet’en Nation. Here are a couple examples of videos shot and edited of the nation’s territorial defence during the massive police operation to force construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline. Includes great footage from other cherished team members.
RCMP Invasion: The First 72 Hours (4 mins)
It’s Time to Take Some Time (3 mins)

The Midnight Vote
Shooter (Feb 2020, 6 mins)

Every four years dozens of journalists travel to a small unincorporated township in Dixville Notch, N.H., to tally the first primary votes in the nation, a tradition that began 60 years ago after millionaire Neil Tillotson realized he didn’t want to drive over an hour to the nearest polling location.

Les 5 sources de l’éco-anxiété | The 5 Sources of Eco-Anxiety
La planète s’invite au Parlement
Co-director + Co-editor (May 2019, 5 episodes x 3 mins)

FR: Une série de cinq courts vidéos qui revèlent les cinq sources de l’éco-anxiété, et comment les combattre. EN: A series of five short videos revealing the five sources of eco-anxiety and how to fight them.

1: Le future | The Future
2: Les médias | The Media
3: Greenwashing
4: Les leaders | Our Leaders
5: Avoir des enfants | Having Kids


2019 Doc Cinematography Reel

Shooter + Editor (May 2019, 3 mins)

Some of my favourite shots from the last 18 months of documentary shooting…set to a beat.

International Holographic Pop Star
60 Second Docs
Shooter (April 2019, 1 min)

How a bunch of pixels got famous.

Indigenous Nation Blocks TransCanada Pipeline with New Checkpoint
The Real News Network
Shooter + Editor (Dec 2018, 7 mins)

When pipeline company TransCanada attempts to deliver a Canadian court injunction against a decade-old Wet’suwet’en checkpoint, they run into a second, fresh checkpoint set-up by a neighboring clan.

Free Edwin Espinal
Free Edwin Espinal Campaign
Shooter + Editor (Dec 2018, 4 mins)

Short video in support of the international campaign to free Honduran political prisoner Edwin Espinal.

Power-Washing Hate
60 Second Docs
Shooter (Nov 2018, 1 min)

Hate no more. Corey Fleischer, charismatic founder of the worldwide #ErasingHate movement, power-washes hate graffiti. Originating in Montreal, he and his anti-hate army now target, locate, and eliminate hate speech anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Who Are Doug Ford’s Real Friends?
The Leap
Video Editing + VFX (May 2018, 3 mins)

Snappy explainer on Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s slippery use of the words ‘elites’ and ‘friends’.

The Never-ending Coup
The Real News Network
Shooter + Editor (Jan 2018, 6 and 10 mins)

EN: Two-part special report on the inauguration of an unelected regime in Honduras. ES: Reportaje especial en dos partes sobre la toma de posesión de un régimen no electo en Honduras.

“Este país es una dictadura”
Democracy Now en español
Shooter + Writer (Jan 2018, 3 mins)

En Honduras, continúan las protestas por todo el país en contra del supuesto fraude electoral generalizado en la reelección del presidente en funciones Juan Orlando Hernández.

Breaking Through
Fusion Jeunesse
Shooter + Editor (Dec 2017, 6 mins)

Fifteen high-schoolers from villages accross Nunavik gathered in Kuujjuarapik for the 5th Annual Pigunnaniq Music Festival. This video captures a fraction of the magic that took place.

Projet Montréal
Shooter + Editor (Oct 2017, 2 mins)

FR: Une vidéolettre d’amour au terrain de basket au Parc Jarry à Montréal, où Jesse joue basket.
EN: A video love letter to Montréal’s renowned Parc Jarry basketball court, Jesse’s home court.

Bringing Punk Rock to Ancient Egypt in ‘Assassin’s Creed: Origins’
Shooter (Oct 2017, 4 mins)

The lead writer for ‘Assassin’s Creed: Origins’, one of the most highly-anticipated video games in recent memory, is an improv comedian and theatre director. Alain Mercieca describes how his unique Montreal work marriage came to be.

Lactatia: The 8-year-old Drag Queen
60 Second Docs
Shooter (Sept 2017, 1 min)

“We need more people to be free, that’s the kind of message I’m trying to send.” Eight-year-old star enjoying the full support of their “awesome” parents shares some of their philosophy on life.

Monólogo: Independencia
Monólogo con Félix Molina
Shooter + Editor (Sept 2016, 7 mins)

ES: Morazán, Cáceres y la verdadera independencia. Félix Molina, periodista destacado en Resistencia The Film, cierre el mes de la patria en Honduras con contexto y analisis. — EN: From Morazán to Berta Cáceres, award-winning journalist Félix Molina closes Honduras’ ‘Independence Month’ with a monologue on what true independence might look like for the Central American republic.

The Leap Manifesto Goes Aerial at the World Social Forum
The Leap
Co-shooter + Co-editor (Aug 2016, 3 mins)

Video piece on this unique ‘aerial action’ featuring Naomi Klein and Bianca Mugyenyi. Made with my colleagues at Makila Coopérative Multimédia.

LEAP: The New Danger
The Leap Manifesto
Graphics + Editing (June 2016, 3 mins)

A short mash-up and animation piece satirizing the reaction of certain Canadian politicians and pundits to the Leap Manifesto.

The Resurrection of a Honduran Journalist
The Real News
Solo Video-journalist (May 2016, 7 mins)

Days after suffering a double attempt on his life, award-winning journalist Félix Molina gets back to work covering the case of assassinated indigenous leader Berta Cáceres.

La resurrección de un periodista hondureño
The Real News
Videoperiodista (Mayo 2016, 7 mins)

Días después de sufrir un doble atentado, el destacado periodista Félix Molina vuelve a trabajar el caso de la asesinada lideresa indígena Berta Cáceres.

Honduran Elections: Another Chapter of the Coup
The Real News  
Solo Video-journalist (December 2013, 9 mins)

In the absence of a trustworthy process, those who took power by force in 2009 will be staying in power.

Honduran Police Burn Community to the Ground
The Real News
  Solo Video-journalist (July 2011, 8 mins)

Homes, churches, schools and crops all destroyed as the coup government continues to side with wealthy plantation owners over the country’s organized farmers.

La policia de Honduras arrasa con un pueblo
The Real News
  Videoperiodista (Julio 2011, 9 mins)

La comunidad campesina de Rigores, en el valle Aguán, se ha convertido en el ejemplo más reciente de un desalojo llevado a cabo por las autoridades hondureñas. Destruyeron las escuelas, la iglesia, los cultivos y dejaron a más de cien families sin hogar.

SlutWalk Lands in Tegucigalpa
The Real News
  Solo Video-journalist (June 2011, 6 mins)

The Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa becomes the latest in roughly 80 cities around the world to hold a SlutWalk, a growing global movement against the blaming of victims for sexual violence committed against them.

Pennsylvania to Become ‘Gasland’?
The Real News
  Video-journalist (Nov. 2010, 11 mins) Co-Produced with Malak Behrouznami

Pennsylvanians set to take on government, industry and Karl Rove over one of world’s largest natural gas deposits.

Canadian Court Bans G20 Defendant from Speaking
The Real News  
Solo Video-journalist (Oct. 2010, 10 mins)

Community organizer Alex Hundert ‘coerced into unprecedented gag clause’, making him the only person in Canada who is legally barred from speaking to the media. This interview with Hundert was filmed before the ban went into effect.

Report from Land Occupations in Post-Coup Honduras
The Real News
  Solo Video-journalist (Mar. 2011, 9 mins)

Honduran farmers take palm oil plantations from agribusiness that supported the 2009 military coup.

G-20 Fallout Continues in Toronto
The Real News  
Solo Video-journalist (Sept. 2010, 9 mins)

A photographer, a migrant rights organizer, a nurse and a media activist, all arrested at the G-20, explain their lack of faith in the official inquiry process.

Honduran Coup Regime Targets Musicians
The Real News  
Solo Video-journalist (Sep 2010, 10 mins)

Café Guancasco, favorite band of the coup resistance movement, has midday concert attacked by police and military.

Arizona: State of Fear
The Real News
  Solo Video-journalist (Aug. 2010, 7 mins)

Arizona politicians stoking white community’s fear of immigrants to get votes in November elections.

The Whole “Officer Bubbles” Story
The Real News
  Solo Video-journalist (July 2010, 12 mins)

Toronto’s Parkdale neighborhood condemns G-20 related mass arrest inside the community. Lawyer and neighbor Riali Johanesson, herself detained while trying to speak to an arrested client, takes us through the day.

Media Took US Government Cash During Trial of the Cuban 5
The Real News  
Solo Video-journalist (June 2010, 10 mins)

Ten years later, evidence has emerged that the conviction of the ‘Cuban 5’ by a Miami court was influenced by journalists on the State Department payroll.

“But My Mom Doesn’t Have Papers”
The Real News  
Solo Video-journalist (May 2010, 12 mins)

Second-grader joins national movement that’s declaring ‘immigrant rights are civil rights’.

Peter Peterson and the Campaign to Cut Benefits in the U.S.
The Real News  
Video-journalist (May 2010, 8 mins) Co-Produced with Mishuk Munier

Billionaire invites Clinton, Greenspan and Obama’s ‘Debt Czars’ to conference launching his latest campaign to cut health and social security benefits.

Vale Executive Accuses Striking Canadian Miners of Racism
The Real News  
Video-journalist (April 2010, 11 mins) Co-Produced with Bertrand Riviere

Strike gets ugly as nickel miners in Sudbury respond to ‘race-baiting’ allegations in dispute with Brazilian multinational.

Honduran Campesinos Under the Gun
The Real News  
Solo Video-journalist (April 2010, 9 mins)

Government installed in 2009 coup has mobilized thousands of soldiers for negotiations with a peasant plantation occupation.

Honduran Elections Exposed
The Real News
  Solo Video-journalist (Dec. 2009, 10 mins)

Coup regime’s claims of more than 60% participation in free and fair election revealed as fraud, but embraced by the West.

Prueba de Fraude Electoral en Honduras
The Real News
  Videoperiodista (Dic 2009, 10 mins)

El Tribunal Supremo Electoral reporta cifras que van en contra de su propio conteo.

Honduras: An Election Validated by Blood and Repression
The Real News
  Solo Video-journalist (Nov. 2009, 13 mins)

Honduran coup government continues repressive tactics on election day. Report from San Pedro Sula.

Honduras: Elección Validada por Represión y Sangre
The Real News
  Solo Video-journalist (Nov 2009, 14 mins)

El régimen de facto sigue reprimiendo al movimiento en contra del golpe de estado, aún en medio de su ‘celebracíon democrática’. Reportaje desde San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

What it Takes to be Number One
The Real News
  Solo Video-journalist (Aug. 2009, 9 mins)

What compels the world’s second largest mining company, Brazil’s Vale, to use such hard-handed tactics to cut miners’ benefits in Canada?

Gold, Impunity and Violence in El Salvador
The Real News
  Solo Video-journalist (Aug. 2009, 11 mins)

Assassination of anti-mining resistance leader Marcelo Rivera part of terror campaign against activists opposing Canadian gold mining company.

G-20 or G-192: Fear of the South
The Real News  
Solo Video-journalist (July 2009, 11 mins)

Governments of the Global North using the G-20 to shut the UN General Assembly out of the response to the global economic crisis, as governments of the Global South question the pillars of the world economy.

Past is Present in Latin America
The Real News  
Solo Video-journalist (April 2009, 13 mins)

US President Obama arrives at his first Summit of the Americas declaring his intention to ‘look forward’, while many in Latin America forced to live the past every day.

Historic Power Shift in El Salvador
The Real News  
Solo Video-journalist (March 2009, 11 mins)

Popular journalist leads former guerrilla army to left’s first presidential victory in country’s history.

Why You Should Know Gen. Jack Keane
The Real News
  Solo Video-journalist (March 2009, 11 mins)

Gen. Keane’s role in blocking US troop withdrawal from Iraq is a perfect example of the ‘military-industrial complex’ in action.


Jesse Freeston